Gift and Loyalty Cards

Gift Cards are the ideal gift as they allow for the flexibility and convenience that today's consumers desire. Here are some of the ways carrying gift cards can increase your business:

  • 55% of gift card recipients make more than one trip to the business to deplete the value of their card
  • The average recipient spends 20% more than their card’s initial value
  • 10 - 15% of gift card recipients never redeem the full value of a card, meaning the business keeps it as profit
  • When retailers switch from paper gift certificates to gift cards, they sell anywhere from 50-100% more

(Sources: American Greetings,, Green Sheet Quarterly, National Retail Federation, J.C. Williams Group, Incentive Magazine)

Loyalty Cards are designed to keep your customers coming back. They allow a merchant to track their customers' purchases and reward them with future discounts or free product.

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