Credit and Debit Card Processing

If your business is not currently accepting credit cards, you should know that you are severely limiting your customers' willingness to buy. Today, plastic has replaced cash by acting as a convenient, safer way for people to make purchases. Accepting credit cards not only offers your customers an alternate form of payment, but has also shown to increase a consumer's impulse spending, which in turn, means more business for you! Contact Us to start accepting Credit Cards today!

Debit cards allow for merchants to accept another form of non-cash payment from their customers. They are used by many people who are not credit card holders, and alleviate the nuisance of having to write checks for purchases. Instead of taking the time to deposit checks at the bank, save yourself the trip by swiping a debit card to transfer money from the customer's checking account to yours. Contact Us to start accepting Debit cards today!

If you already accept Credit and Debit Cards, please note that GMA offers the most competitive processing rates available. We would be delighted to review your current statements and provide you with processing solutions and rates that will not only save you money and time, but will help enhance your company's overall growth. Contact our Advisors to get an immediate rate review!